What is the attack phase of the Dukan diet?

The attack phase of the Dukan diet is the one that most restricts food. But this stage lasts only a few days. They are usually between 2 and 5, the days of duration on average. At this stage you will lose a lot of weight, approximately 2 to 3 kg on average.

attack phase of the dukan diet what to eat

Diet foods

The allowable foods are the same throughout the Dukan diet. So once the diet is started, the foods allowed in the diet are kept constant , the permit food in the regime

The attack phase of the Dukan diet starts with protein, ie very protein rich foods that are included in the list of what is allowed. When you move to the cruise phase of the Dukan diet, you can add the vegetables to the meat, fish and daily that you have been consuming in the attack phase.

It is important to note that in the extension of the Dukan diet, you are allowed to eat as much as you want of any of the foods allowed. Do not fall into the mistake of eating as few as possible because you are on a diet.

The intention to limit food during the diet is a vestige of old diets of hunger and fasting. The general thinking of people is that you can only lose weight if you stay hungry and deprived of food all the time. Not true, in fact, during the Dukan diet you are going to lose weight quickly without feeling hungry.

Food supply

In this phase of feeds practically, all cuts of meat are allowed, in this stage attack.Keep in mind, that most fish, including mackerel which is a fatty fish and salmon are also allowed. Also acceptable are chicken, turkey, pigeon and also quail.

You can add sausages, such as sliced ​​chicken, prepared turkey and dried meat, such as cucina. It is permitted to ingest low-fat dairy products such as Cottage cheese and cottage cheese, along with another low-fat group that are flavored and natural yogurts.

This diet presents certain difficulties for vegetarians, but they can eat tofu and quom. Skim milk can also be used but keep in mind that it can not be in unlimited quantities because of its high sugar content.

The attack phase of the Dukan diet is probably the most laborious, but it is essential to the success of the regime.

How to do Penis Exercises and improve your sexual life

If you are here, this means you are looking for exercises which will improve your blood flow and provide you to have a healthy sexual life. Every man wants to have a larger penis and is afraid his length is not satisfying the other partner. Well, we are here to show you what exercises can do for you. Continue reading to learn how to do penis exercises.How to do Penis Exercises benefits

What penis exercises can do for you?

The reproductive system of men consists of: penis, testicles, seminal vesicles and prostate gland. The penis consists of a spongy body which is responsible for ability to create and erection and the channel called “urethra” conducts urine and sperm.

The average erect penis length is 14-16 cm. but it is proven that penis exercises can increase the penis if exercises are performed five days each week for at least 6 months. If you are wondering how to do penis exercise, then you need to stay with us until the end.

How to do penis exercises?

If you have been wondering how to do penis exercises, you are on the right place. We will show you exactly how to increase the penis size.

The penis consists of 3 chambers of tissue which absorb the blood that reach the penis from the circulatory system. As these chambers gets filled with blood this causes the penis to become erected. It is always recommended to visit urologist to get advice on these exercises and to make sure they will not negatively affect your health.

It is important to constantly check your penis and see if there are any changes since you do not want to do any damage to your penis. Take a look at the following:

  1. The bubbles which might appear on the penis are result of pressure on the penis severely and for a long time.
  2. Sores in the penis might be caused by pulling of the penis.
  3. Swelling appears because of too heavy weight on the penis. It affects the nerves and will cause inflammation and swelling of the penis.

Penis exercises

Since many of you don’t know how to do penis exercises, it is always recommendable to warm up before you start exercising. Here are some penis exercises which will give you the results you are looking for:

1- Penis stretcher

  • Retract the foreskin and grasp your penis right behind its head firmly.
  • Pay attention not to cut off too much blood circulation.
  • Pull and stretch your penis outwards in front of you for 20-30 seconds.
  • Use enough force to feel painless stretch inside the shaft and base of your penis.
  • Stretch your penis up in the direction of your belly button for 20-30 seconds.
  • Stretch down your penis in the direction of your knees for 20-30 seconds.
  • Stretch your penis to the left for 20-30 seconds and then repeat the same to the right side.

Repeat this exercise at least twice, for 5-10 minutes.

2- Stretching with your thumb

  • After the warm up phrase (number 1), retract your foreskin and grasp your penis behind its head.
  • Be careful not to cut off too much blood circulation.
  • Pull your penis outwards in front of you.
  • Place your thumb on first third of your shaft.
  • Press with your thumb down in the direction of your knees.
  • Keep stretching your penis with enough force in two directions for 20-30 seconds.

Do this exercise for 2-3 minutes and repeat it several times.


You now know how to do penis exercises. If you want a greater effect and a firmer erection, make sure you use TestoUltra and RX24, the best natural supplements available on the market.

¿Do you know Leonardo DiCaprio IQ?

It is very hard to work as an actor these days. There are a lot of sleepless nights, headaches and busy schedules, even filming for 16 hours a day. We did not underestimate other professions, but are here to show you how Leonardo DiCaprio IQ has changed with simply one magic pill. It is certainly not a scam, but a possibility to increase your IQ, improve your memory, enhance your focus and remember things easily.Leonardo DiCaprio IQ score

What Leonardo DiCaprio takes?

The star has been interviewed numerous times and everyone wanted to know what this miracle pill is called. Here we show you what the star said:

“I am sure a lot of you criticize me because of what I do, but I wanted to thank my fans for standing behind me all the time. I always try to be best at what I do and since I hit the 40’s I am having difficulties with concentration and memorizing things. A lot of people take drugs for relaxation and I am sure if you knew something will help you perform better than now, you would want to try it too. For this reason I wanted to reveal that I am using Garcinia Cambogia. It is a natural supplement and you should all use it too.

Now that we know the secret behind Leonardo DiCaprio IQ, we did a little research and found out if this pill really works. So if you want to have an IQ as your idol, keep reading!

How is this pill called?

Leonardo DiCaprio IQ has been increased with help of Garcinia Cambogia. For sure this pill existed before, but when he gave the interview, people wanted to see if it is really true. The truth is yes, it is really effective and you should know all about it.

Garcinia Cambogia is a natural supplement which is made for improving memory and helping you concentrate. Many men and women start noticing changes in their brain and are terrified that they will not be able to do anything to improve its functionality. Now that you know how Leonardo DiCaprio manages to improve the functions of his brain, you can do it too.

Is this product safe?

As you know Leonardo DiCaprio IQ was increased thanks to this supplement. However, when this supplement was market as efficient and became a top seller, many other pharmaceutical companies started to do replicas and they are not nearly effective as the original.

The safest way to get the original supplement is by visiting the official website. There you can order your package and also receive a money refund guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the purchase.

If you are looking for a way to have Leonardo DiCaprio IQ, we would definitely recommend you to take this product. It is safe for use, and you do not need any prescription for it. With this product you will increase the motivation level, so the daily intake of it will give you a strong focus and will make you look energetically. For those who suffer from short term memory loss or poor concentration levels, this will be the perfect solution.


Leonardo DiCaprio IQ was a scandal at first, but after many people tried Garcinia Cambogia, the whole situation changed. People were satisfied with the effects and the forums were overflowed with positive comments, making this supplement the best until present.

Phen RX… Does it really worth it?

If you are one of those who enjoy slimming with pills, today we will give the best supplement on the market to achieve the perfect figure and a few words for one that seems very dangerous for your health.

What is Phen PX?

Since the weight loss market is not very regulated, many manufacturers use this in their advantage, to toss a few chemicals and call it a weight loss supplement. With the right marketing for the product, many believe that it really is the solution to their problem.phenrx review

Phen PX is a supplement with surprising effects. The main ingredient in this product is caffeine and we all know that is one of the best natural weight loss reducers. The other ingredients: synephtine hcl, tyramine, dimethyl 4, yohimbine, PEA and schizandrol help to boost your metabolism, increase energy, lower body mass, improve focus and reduce appetite.

How to use Phen PX?

Since doctors do not approve of this type of supplements, it is very important to look for a dosage on the official page. Usually supplements such as Phen PX should be taken before every meal with a lot of water. This will make your body satisfied and you will not have cravings for unhealthy foods. We recommend the use of ABS Stimulator  for a flat belly.

However, it is very important not to compare your body to other, simply because it is different and it does not react in a same way. It is very important to give a little time to these supplements to work, since no miracles happen over the night. One more thing what you should never do is increase your dose at once. It has to be slowly with preferably one more pill a day, since you do not want to feel any undesirable effects.

Does Phen RX have side effects?

Every pill has side effects, but some have more dangerous than others. It is very important to read the ingredients and a list of side effects which the company provides. In the case of Phen PX we cannot say much, since there is no list with substances. Although some are publically revealed, others are kept as a secret in order to protect the product from being duplicated. Since we all have different body, it is really not recommended for people with high blood pressure to take this supplement, because of the caffeine and perhaps other substances which might only cause damage.

Is it safe for use?

Since it is a weight loss supplement, there are no side effects which can be terminal. However, for those who have diagnosed other conditions it might not be the best option to consume Phen RX. This product might increase your blood pressure, leaving you anxious or unable to sleep.

If you look into the reviews or testimonials of Phen RX, you will notice that there are a lot of unsatisfied customers, which claim this product is a scam and they cannot have their money back. What we really love about natural supplements is that simply we do not need to schedule a doctor’s appointment, but we can order online.


You now know everything related to this weight loss product, it is always advisable to visit a doctor for regular check-up. In case you do not want to experience any side effects, it is better to consume Phen375. It is also a natural supplement with all of the ingredients revealed to the public.

You do not need to worry about side effects, because it is made of natural ingredients able to help you reduce weight. Slim healthy with Phen375.

What does CBD Stands For? Read this to find out

While you have been looking for something online, it is highly possible that you have encountered the term CBD. Now you are confused and you do not know what it means, so you hit every page you could found on search and here you are. Do not worry, because you are on the right place. Here you can find what CBD stand for and what effects it has on the human body.what does cbd stand for in medical terms

What is CBD?

You wanted to know what CBD stand for. The right answer for the question is: It stands for Cannabidiol. This is the full name for cannabis, but there are two differences. Cannabidiol is produced in two ways: it can be found in hemp or marijuana varieties of cannabis. The major differences between those two, is the level of THC.

Marijuana is specially grown for the high amounts of THC, while hemp has only slightly decreased amounts of it. As you know it is illegal in most of the countries, but still there are some which have it legalized. While CBD does have effects on your body, this does not mean that you will feel any of the “high” effects. For decades scientists have overlooked CBD simply because they were more curious about the THC effects and how our body reacts with it.

Benefits of CBD

We have already answered what CBD stand for, but for those who need just one short answer that would be the following: CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound in the cannabis plant. Numerous trials have shown that this cannabinoid helps treat numerous diseases and it works as: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-psychotic, antidepressant etc. CBD is used by people in several forms: as pills, oil, cigarettes, powders and so on.

Cannabinoids are special receptors that are found in our skin, digestive tract and in the reproductive organs. By consuming cannabis, agonist make a reaction in your body meaning it interacts with different cells in our body.

How does CBD works

Since you have learned what CBD stand for, it is time to learn how it works in our body. Cannabinoids are known to affect directly and indirectly the vanilloid receptors, adenosine receptors and serotonin receptors, which are in charge for pain modulation, sleep cycles and mood and stress repairmen. It also helps regulate appetite, reduce weight, make pain more bearable or non-existent at all, improves memory, sleep and a lot more.

Possibly the major benefits from this plant are as follows. It treats cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, nicotine addiction, osteoporosis, lupus, pediatric conditions, neuropathic pain, Parkinson’s disorder and numerous other conditions.

In our body there are CB1 and CB2 receptors. The first are mostly found in the central nervous system, and smaller numbers are found in the kidneys, liver and lungs. CB2 stands for those receptors which form a part of our immune system. CBD has a little effect in these two receptors, but mostly can be found working with the already mentioned 3 receptors.


We have shown you what CBD stand for and now it is time for you to choose your treatment. There are a lot of products available on the market: tinctures, capsules, oil, vaporizers and so on. If you are new to all of this, we definitely recommend you to purchase Pure CBD. Just remember, it has to be legal in your country otherwise you might have trouble. Start improving your health and help someone you know.

Dangers of Fat Burning Pills you have to know

We have all been there for once in our lives where because of extra couple of kilos we questioned our looks. It is normal for your body to do changes, but when these changes are becoming more and more active, you need to stop weight loss and lose those pounds. Every one of us can admit that is easier to take one or two pills a day, than to go to a gym and sweat. But, are pills healthy? Stay here with us and find out the possible dangers of fat burning pills.

risks of fat burning pills

Fat burning pills

Fat burning supplements are taking over. They are available in every country and claim to be good for weight loss without changing your lifestyle and habits. Fat burners are aids which help burn fat by increasing your body’s metabolism. Before any supplement is launched on the market, it first goes through a lot of trials, and at the end if it is safe for use, it is transported on the shells. However, the unknown substances which these supplements contain, and the manufacturers do not reveal to the public is one of the dangers of fat burning pills.

The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate every supplement, so this is the reason why some dangerous weight loss pills are still taking place in pharmacies and stores. These unrevealed ingredients can cause your body some serious negative effects and if you take a larger dose than prescribed, you can do a permanent damage to your organs.

Do fat burners really work?

Fat burners definitely work and not all of them represent a danger for your health. Dangers of fat burning pills can be numerous, but if you do know how to use them, there is nothing you should worry about. First thing you should always do, is make sure those supplements you want to try do not require a prescription.

If these pills can only be found in official websites, that is even better. That way, you will have original supplement, you can ask any questions you want and you can find information and ingredients of the supplements. Some companies even provide a safety refund in case you are not satisfied with their product. One other thing you should always have in mind is to read ingredients. The more natural substances it has, it is better for your health.

How to use fat burning pills

Before you start using supplements for weight loss, you should know that most of the pills do not have a suggested dose, so everyone is using these pills before each meal with a lot of water.

Each individual’s body works different while these supplements are in the system. Never take more pills at once, simply because it can cause a lot of damage to your body. If you want to increase the dose, do it slowly and let your body adjust to it.

It is also very important to know that pills should not be taken for a long period of time. When you first stimulate your body, it feels the supplements and it responds accordingly, but after taking if for a long time, your body gets accustom to the change, and it is no longer effective. The dangers of fat burning pills can be numerous, but if you know how to control the daily dose, and if you choose a natural supplement such as Garcinia Cambogia, you will have no problems.


If you want a healthy body, you need to learn how to eat healthy and which foods you should exclude from your menu. Use natural supplement as Garcinia Cambogia, and your body will thank you. The dangers of fat burning pills do not apply to Garcinia Cambogia.